Bootstrap will complete the bootstrap process for a Rubrik cluster and requires a single node to have it's management interface configured. You will also need to configure the Rubrik provider with the "username" and "password" set to blank strings.

Example Usage

resource "rubrik_bootstrap" "example" {
cluster_name = "tf-demo"
admin_email = ""
admin_password = "RubrikTFDemo2019"
management_gateway = ""
management_subnet_mask = ""
dns_name_servers = [""]
ntp_servers = [""]
node_config = {
tf-node01 = ""

Argument Reference

The following arguments are supported:

  • cluster_name - (Required) Unique name to assign to the Rubrik cluster.

  • admin_email - (Required) The Rubrik cluster sends messages for the admin account to this email address.

  • admin_password - (Required) Password for the admin account

  • management_gateway - (Required) IP address assigned to the management network gateway.

  • management_subnet_mask - (Required) Subnet mask assigned to the management network.

  • dns_search_domain - (Required) List of search domains that the DNS Service will use to resolve hostnames that are not fully qualified.

  • dns_name_servers - (Required) List of the IPv4 addresses of the DNS servers.

  • ntp_servers - (Required) List of FQDN or IPv4 addresses of a network time protocol (NTP) server(s).

  • node_config - (Required) The Node Name and IP formatted as a map.

  • enable_encryption - (Optional) Enable software data encryption at rest. When bootstrapping a Cloud Cluster this value needs to be False. Default value is true.

  • wait_for_completion - (Optional) Flag to determine if the function should wait for the bootstrap process to complete. Default value is true.

  • timeout - (Optional) The number of seconds to wait to establish a connection the Rubrik cluster before returning a timeout error. Default is 15.