Configures a new Azure archive target.

Example Usage

resource "rubrik_azure_cloudout" "example" {
container = "rubriktfdemo"
azure_access_key = "q9eFAW9eawMe/fekai5GoFfKjH0UH31dceuY7LDIh3IbDFwqGekSBelJMZ90/S6deVfmw/TZaiKBk5lw0DXgw=+"
storage_account_name = "rubriktf"
archive_name = "TF-Demo"
rsa_key = "${var.rsakey}"

Argument Reference

The following arguments are supported:

  • container - (Required) The name of the Azure storage container you wish to use as an archive.

  • azure_access_key - (Required) The access key for the Azure storage account.

  • storage_account_name - (Required) The name of the Storage Account that the container belongs to.

  • archive_name - (Required) The name of the archive location used in the Rubrik GUI.

  • instance_type - (Optional) The Cloud Platform type of the archival location. Valid choices are default, china, germany, and government with default being the default choice.

  • rsa_key - (Required) The RSA key that will be used to encrypt the archive data.

  • timeout - (Optional) The number of seconds to wait to establish a connection the Rubrik cluster before returning a timeout error. Default is 15.